David and Lisa Bolton
PH (03) 5831 8118 - Mobile: 0428 573 265
Email: dlbolton@bigpond.com
Congupna, Victoria.

Our interstate partners…

Andrew and Lee Green
PH (02) 6922 9192 - Mobile: 0427 400 337
Wagga Wagga, NSW

David Bolton has been Hoof Trimming in the Goulburn Valley for the past 19 years and has also serviced farmers through NSW, as far north as Tamworth, to the south the Gippsland region, and to the West, the Western Districts and Mount Gambier.

Through servicing this large area he has seen all different types of dairy operations and is aware of the Australian conditions and the changes that are also taking place in dairy farming here.

He is aware of how both small & large dairy farms are impacted by lameness issues, and is able to offer advice on preventative measures to help avoid the losses suffered through its effects.

Whilst the majority of our work is dairy cows we also treat Beef cattle for any trimming or lameness needs.
  • At Bolton's we have used Hydraulic Tipping Machines for the trimming of feet, since the start of our business 19 years ago. We originally used a basic machine that we developed and improved on each year.

    As the business and my passion for treating cows grew, I felt we needed to be using equipment which improved on efficiency and safety for both the cows and the operator.
    In early 2009 we sourced a machine from the USA, which fulfilled these requirements.

    The tipping machine is like a mobile crush. The animal is safely restrained, and immobilised, then tipped on their side.

    Their feet are at a comfortable viewing height for inspection, ease of trimming, and treatment of lameness issues. The operator is able to view, tend to all hooves in a timely manner, and lower the cow back down to the ground to stand on all four feet safely.

  • With 3 machines we are able to tend to cows all over the country on a more regular basis. We service our local area of North East Victoria & also tend to customers regularly in Mt Gambier, Western Districts, Ballarat, Bendigo, down the Melba Highway and in the Gippsland Region.

  • Each of our staff has been professionally trained -

    David Bolton – 28 years of experience in the cattle industry, both Dairy & Beef.
    David has been trimming for 20 years and has the experience of treating many thousands of cows, getting them back on their feet and recognising factors which contribute to lameness issues.

    Chris Haynes - many years experience in the dairy industry. Has been trimming with Bolton's for over 2 years and is highly recommend by our customers.

    James Colwell - our newest recruit. James has had 5 years experience in the cattle industry & been trimming with us since Nov 2010. We are always receiving great reports about his work.

  • We are each working to help our customers get the best out of their cows, and assist in any way we can to treat their cows of any hoof problems, with the end result being healthy feet and happy cows.