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Congupna, Victoria.

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Invest in hoof trimming as part of your herd management and prevent costly losses including unrealised milk production, treatment costs, discarded milk, breeding difficulties and involuntary culling.

We use hydraulic crushes, built for cow comfort, safety and fast throughput.
  • Healthy feet are critical to both Dairy and Beef cattle's ability to function productively.

  • Hoof problems can be caused by a combination of factors including general wear and tear
       (or lack of), infections, nutrition and genetics.

  • Hoof Trimming is performed to fend off permanent damange and prevent any long term

  • At BOLTON's we use the best equipment available – our mobile hydraulic tipping trailers
        are designed for the safety of your animal as well as the operators.

  • At BOLTON's our Hoof Trimming Trailers and operators are fully equipped, therefore we do
        not require any farmer assistance.

  • Maintenance trimming can be performed at any time – large bulls and cows (at any time of
        gestation) are able to be tipped safely and trimmed with care and minimal discomfort.

  • Research in the US has shown that cows trimmed at 2 years of age or at 1st calving,
        have far less hoof problems throughout their life, than those that don't.